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Outdoor adventures should not be complicated or limited by your surrounding environment. Most outdoor gear is built for a single purpose, which causes problems if you can’t find a flat piece of land to pitch your tent or two trees to hang your hammock between.

The Crua Hybrid offers the perfect solution and you'll never need to worry again about where to sleep. You can be confident your Crua companion will capably handle every situation you may face on your adventures.

If you’re headed out for a quick weekend in the woods and want to pack light but at the same time don’t really feel like being eaten alive bymosquitos and other bugs, theCrua Tent-Hammock Hybrid may be your new favorite piece of equipment.

Whether you are looking to sleep on the ground or want to rest your weary self while suspended just above it, this single person tent is perfect for taking out with you on spontaneous trips. For comfort even on the rockier terrain, the groundsheet on the hybrid hammock features a built-in air mattress and sleeping bag. Going out camping with a partner? You can either set up your own sleeping areas or zip your tents together to make a two person tent. That isn’t all this tent offers either. If inclement weather were to suddenly come your way, simply pull over the includedripstop nylon rain covers. When this hits retailers it’ll go for $350

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