Coolest Cooler: A Great Idea On The Rocks

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“there was so much confusion and misinformation among the backer community that over 100 people placed negative or fake reviews on Amazon, which ultimately had a detrimental effect on demand.  Ironically, those voices hurt our very ability to get everyone their Coolests faster.”

“The process is well underway to find the best partner, and then ramp up production and get every backer his or her Coolest as soon as possible. However, at this point, we can’t estimate exactly when this will happen.”

The question now, is how Coolest Cooler will get more funding after it has already run through its first $13 million in Kickstarter backing. Last month, Grepper said the company needed another $15 million to deliver on the company’s promise, and it looks like the company is considering asking its initial backers to pay an extra $97 each to fund production.

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