Bauer 3x Expandable Teardrop Trailer Gives You 3x The Space

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The 3X design has been around for several years and officially went on sale in France last September. It starts at US$23,000 before taxes, and other standard equipment includes 10-L fresh and waste water tanks and a braked AL-KO chassis. Beauer plans to extend availability across Europe and overseas to North America over the next three years.

Beauer is also working on integrating the 3X design into a camper van called the 3XC. Based on its initial renderings, the camper module will see little change itself, simply securing atop a van chassis instead of tagging along behind the vehicle. The renderings show that you will be able to camp atop the van or detach the 3X and use it as a standalone module.

Beauer is working to launch the 3XC on the new Volkswagen T6 platform by late 2016. It also says the design will be compatible with other van chassis options from automakers like Fiat, Ford, Mercedes and Renault.

Farther down the line, Beauer plans to launch the 3X+, a longer, larger trailer that uses the same style of expandable design to offer 291 sq ft (27 sq m) of floor space.

The quick video clip below shows the 3X expansion in action.

Source: Beauer via Vogel Talks RVing

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