Aboard the Bernina Express: Cruising Trough The Alps

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The Bernina Express train route takes you through incredible alpine landscapes and a UNESCO World Heritage Site - it's that amazing. Think of all the clichés about the beauty of scenic train travel and multiply them by 1000. You'll end up on this journey through Switzerland.

Find out about this route and how you can experience it yourself.

Which trains run along this route? 

Two types of train

It's good to know that theBernina Express is the name of the unique panoramic train that runs on this particular route. Standard regional trains also operate on the same route, through the same beautiful scenery! 

How do the trains compare?

 Regional trainBernina Express train
Does the train pass through the UNESCO site and mountains? Yes Yes
Can I take it with a Eurail Pass? Yes Yes
Do I need a reservation to board? No Yes (10 Swiss Francs in Winter, 14 Swiss Francs in Summer)
How frequently do the trains run? Every hour There are limited services, depending on where you board the train.
Is the train direct? You'll have to change trains in one of the scenic villages along the route. Yes
Are there panoramic windows? No Yes

Can I purchase refreshments on the train?

No Yes
Is there on-board commentary? No Yes