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For our little trip to Universal for the weekend, there were five of us on board.  We're new to RVing, but used to conserving when necessary.  You find your limitations quickly, however.  I had everyone conserve on water for showers.... 2 minutes each.  There's a grey water tank for the sinks and shower, and a black water tank for the toilet.  The black-water tank fills up in 2 days with all of us, so that's our bottleneck.  I think it makes sense to get a composting toilet.  You hate to have to run and find a dump station every two days.  

We have a Thor Box  which is amazing for use of power.  We can plug in to it with it's built-in power inverter, charge the phones and run the computers, etc.  My wife uses it to iron her hair on the way.  Then when we need more juice, we power up the generator for a couple hours, use the electricity all we want, and then it's charged up and ready to go again, and we save fuel of running the generator.  I don't know how I got through life without one before, but our house fights over it.  

When we get home, I think the thing we all appreciate most is the endless drains that sewer provides.  We take that long shower we've all been craving.  We all find our way back to our rooms that are spaced around the house.  

The girls miss the closeness of the rv, and for a few days afterwards, want to come sleep in our room.  That's what living small offers.  Families feel the closeness better.  Sometimes space has its advantages too, but if you're not getting along, step outside and go for a walk.  The RV pictured is in south Florida and is for sale on craigslist.  Check it out here.

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