National Parks And Nature Shots By Adventurer Tracy Rose! (videos)

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Take a moment to stop, breathe, find your peace, and share it with the world.

I made a short video of a backpacking trip a couple years ago, for a friend that wanted me to show him a place I was going to backpack, that he had visited many years ago. I put it on Facebook for him and my friends, and I was surprised how many people chimed in and seemed to be enjoying the respite from their busy days, by just watching a strictly Nature video with calming music supporting it.

I continued to make a few more, and have found joy in others feeling inspired to seek time in nature themselves. I make no money with my videos. Some new friends I’ve made are stroke patients, heartbroken people, and many just looking to feel our human side again. I live simple life as a musician, and am fortunate to have time to travel frequently. I’m not a famous musician. I own a small home, and make my bills playing music in Northern California. I’m 57, and at this age I strive only for more time to find peace and enjoy the calm that immersing in nature gives me.

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

All my videos are shot while backpacking or bicycling the countryside. I am a complete beginner in videography. I have a camera and I enjoy nature. I shoot things that please my eye, and when I come home I take the shots and put them to music. As you may have noticed, I avoid man made objects in most of my videos. I have a few ideas on how to simplify my life in the future even more, such as approaching a more self sustained way of life, closer to Living off the Grid.

Peace, love, joy, ~Tracy

Wandering The Peaceful Hope Valley

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