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City College of New York Students Unveil Sun-Powered Roof Pod for Solar Decathlon Competition
26 Visions Where Mankind Let's Go, And Nature Begins To Reclaim
See How A Family of 11 Makes Their 1100 Sq ft Home Work
This Looks Like A Charming Little Cabin, But Really...
Teenage Son's Build Floating Barge Home / Workshop
Joe Has A Hideout In His Back Yard Where No-one Will Find Him
A bit of snow in Montana... it keeps snowing.. and snowing...
Urban Backyard Aquaponics
Brian Schulz Builds Tiny House
A Piece Of Africa - South African Way Of Life
Construction of a Strawbale Home
Dreamy Seashell House Meant To Look Like Nature
Cape Coral woman living "off the grid" challenged by city
SunPower Continues to Drive Down the Cost Curve
11 Must-See Art Installations, Inspired by Solar Panels
Dr. Solar's Magical Medicine Show
Near Vancouver Island Lies A Fabulous Off-Grid Community Of Some 426 Residents
Some Of The Most Beautiful Places Ever!
Northern Arizona 40 Acre Off­Grid Self Sufficient Homestead
Man: 50 Sells It All And Moves To Off The Grid Island Life
Childhood Lessons In Off Grid Life
Cob Village In The Woods - Beautiful, Natural, Efficient, Green
Good Ole' Garden Ingenuity: Simple Tricks From Some Old Pros
Astrid's Life In A Wall Tent In The Yukon
I've Found Us A House!
Model of Stephenson's Steam Engine - Glass
Its Magical To Turn A Bicycle Into A.....
Turning A Tire Into A Pond
Young couple quit jobs to build this glass house for $500
Solitude - Nature - Silence - Necessary
Papua New Guinnea Atop The Trees
Putting The Pieces Together Again
Lightweight $36 Car Battery Alternative Concept
Cob Home Exteriors
Comment Time! Post Your Favorite Pictures Below And Tell Us Why
The $150 Hoop Green House Challenge
CEB - Compressed Earth Block Construction - Simple, Sustainable, Natural, Cheap
Earthen Floor Start To Finish (3)
Earthen Floor Start To Finish
Generating Off-Grid Power: The Four Best Ways
Family Of Four In A Barn For A House And A $3600 Renovation (3)
Who Wouldn't Want One? Time To Transform Arctic Life!
Stacking Wood Can Be Artistry As Well As Winter Heat
Caves In Great Lakes No Longer Safe To Visit - Picture Highlights Here
They Call This 1000 Islands, And After Seeing This, I Wanna Move There!
Personalized Uses And A New Purpose
Rustic Cabins Make Me Drool
Pallet Bedding And Creativity
One Old Woman's Response When Accused Of Not Being 'Green'
This Water Pumping Station In The U.K. Is Now A... (3)
This Water Pumping Station In The U.K. Is Now A...
When To Plant Vegetables
Amazing World Of Tree Houses And Zip Lines
How To Build A Log Cabin
Seven Remarkable Cave Dwellings
Dreamy Delights Posted By Fans Of Living Off The Grid
Understanding Cob - Great Pictures And How To
People Are Stealing 420 Mile Marker Signs In Colorado... Hmmm
Pit Greenhouses or Walipinis Come In All Sizes and Styles
Lessons On A Forest Garden In Three Different Climate Regions
Building With Bottles, Now That's A Concept!
Building With Cob Fun With Friends Or Family
Cordwood Sheds and Cabins - Beautiful And Simple To Build!
Abandoned Stable Becomes Luxurious Off Grid Family Dreamhome
College Girl Ericka's Cozy Caboose Rent House
The hOMe Cost Reveal For Andrew And Gabriella's Tiny
Micro Tiny Homes As Freedom From Codes And Loans
65 Amazing Rustic Natural Bathrooms
Family Of Four In A Barn For A House And A $3600 Renovation
What You Don't Know About GMO... could kill you
Suvivorman Full Length Documentary
Strawbale Micro - Room / Office In The Field
What Would You Do With 31 Shipping Containers?
Dr. Dumpster, The Story Continues - College Professor Living In A Dumpster Project
This Canadian Cordwood Home Is Quite Amazing!
Perpetual Motion, Over Unity, Free Energy - Do They All Mean The Same Thing?
A New Brunswick man says his heating bills are decreasing thanks to a solar furnace that cost him $300 to build.
California Pines Property For Those Who Crave - Under $5,000
Strawbalers Move Into Their Newly Constructed Tiny House (2)
Tiny House Build With Andrew And Gabriells Morrison
Off The Grid Transportation Methods - How Do You Get Around?
Maya Mountain Research Farm In Beliz Makes Pizza
Andrew And Shauna's Off Grid Dream House - An Inspiration For All Of Us
Sunpower For My Smartphone And Apples For Me
Bruce McKay Is A Teacher In The Yukon's 1 Room School And After School Wilderness Program
Bruce McKay's Photos of Life In The Yukon Depict a Beautiful Place
The Oasis House Adobe Abode In Morocco
How About A Big Box House and A Big Box Restaurant?
Illusion Tree - Video
Gravity Battery Energy Storage Concept
4 Videos - A Small Introduction To DIY Solar
The Purpose Of This Water Faucet Will Amaze You
Aracena - Wildlife
Aracena - Fuente
Aracena - Power House
Aracena - Cork
Aracena - Garden
Aracena - Ancient Ruins On This Beautiful Organic Farm
Aracena - Off Grid Plantation Home In Spain With Ruins, Wildlife and Cork...

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