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A Treasure Find: Off Grid Home, 9 acres Currently Listed On Ebay For $40,000
One Family Builds A Very Normal Home That Is Off Grid: The Sustainable
Can Volcanic Magma Power The Future?
A fully transparent solar cell that could make every window and screen a power source
Building A Wind Turbine From Scratch
Looking for a new house? Eco-friendly underground home on the market in Md.
Are you considering going off the grid completely? If so, here are some tips to keep in mind for maximum success.
Realities of Solar Power - A Tiny House Story
Natural Timber Logs and Mill Sawn Siding Take This French Cabin And Turn It Into A Chalet
One of the most beautiful time lapse scenery videos.... EVER
Drilling a Water Well on Your Land: What You Should Know
7 Off The Grid Ways To Get In Shape
Do You Want A Totally Off Grid, Sustainably Built Tiny House?
Bonnie And The Bus on Sustainable Living
How To Make Bacon And Eggs In A Paper Bag
It's Now Legal To Catch A Raindrop In Colorado
The First Power Plant To Send Energy From Waves Into The Grid
Dirt Is Not Dirty: How Playing In The Dirt Benefits The Immune System
This Amazing Tiny House Shows How To Make The Most Of Interior Space!
Roeland Otten Camouflages Ugly Public Utilities With Giant Photographic Installations
Could You Handle Going Off The Grid? This Family Did It, And Loves It
Is this the way we're headed? Which future do you prefer?
The Plan To Mop Up The Worlds Biggest Oil Spills With Mushrooms
Ultimate Snow Shredders And Their Sled Runs: This Is How To Have Fun
At Auction, He Bought This Parcel Of Wooded Land. He Later Discovered A Little House In The Woods
Dangling Above The Jungle In Style, The Sky Bike In Ecuador Let's You Fly
Solar Powered Floating Eco Home On The Water Is Nearly 100 Percent Recycleable
What Is An Indian Marker Tree, And How Were They Used? (video)
Tiny houses and polymath: tinkerer, lyrist, carpenter, cartoonist
A Glimmer That Shines In The Desert: More Than Just Smoke And Mirrors
Tidal Power Is The Next Big Thing, And It Will Generate A Lot Of Power!
One day we decided to buy a boat and sail around the world
Solar And Wind Powered Street Lamps Soon To Debut In Spain
Urnatur In Sweden: Shows Us What It Feels Like To Dream A Different Life - Off The Grid
Innovative Computer Geek Builds An Amazing Computer Controlled Off-Grid Smart Home
Bear Attacks Campsite And Car: Is This How You Want To End Up? Be Sure Your Food Is Secure
Free Electricity For 20 Years.... Feels Like Off The Grid... What Happens When They Forget To Bill You??
Watch As This Piece Of Land Becomes The Most Efficient Of Homes.... Underground
If You Drove Around The Bend And Saw This Giant Dog, What Would Your Kid's Think?
Uhoh! The Solar Panels Are Covered In Snow! Snow Removal Advice From A Pro
How About We Go Back To Steam Power.... Maybe We Missed Something There
One Man Spent 9 Years Photographing 16th and 17th Century Wooden Russian Churches That Sit Abandoned Across The Countryside
Is this 280-pound catfish real? Fisherman provides proof
Medical And Ministry Team Treks Deep Into The Reaches Of Nepal
Google Is Making Its Biggest Ever Bet on Renewable Energy
Zip-Tie Snow-Chains Invention Is Fantastic! Don't Get Stranded In The Snow!
One Man Has A Plan To Sieze Control Of The Internet
Tesla Factory Racing To Re-tool For New Models
Nevada Hit The Jackpot With The Tesla Gigafactory Deal
Tesla Motors Races To Keep Up With Demand In An Off-Grid Frenzied Future
A Refrigerator Designed To Cool Only What's In It and Conserves Energy!
Have You Ever Seen A Bicycle Do This? Student Designed Bike Blender A Campus Hit!
25 Ways To Keep Warm Without Turning Up The Heat
Flowhive Honey Extractor Debuts With 10,000% Of Expected Crowdfunding!
World’s First Grid-Connected Wave Energy Array Switched On In Perth Australia
This Monk Has Spent 52 Years Building A Giant Cathedral...Out Of Trash
Jason Hall, Screen Writer of American Sniper is a Mountain Man Making A Difference Even In His Hometown
Portland Generates Power By Running Water And Flushing Toilets!
Water And Stone - And 1500 Years Of Longevity - What Is It That Captivates Us So?
This Faucet Generates Electricity! Seriously!
Making Your Own Natural Oak Shingles Can Be A Fun And Useful Trade
In Phoenix AZ, This Simple Grain Silo Turned Into Something Quite Spectacular!
Food Forest with Over 150 Varieties of Fruits and Veggies on 1/4 Acre-Amazing!
This Is One Of The Most Efficient Ways To Heat Your Home Ever Designed! Come Learn How And Save Money....
Brilliant Invention Brings LED Sunshine To Windowless Rooms!
When Lake Louise Becomes An Ice Rink..... And Castle Wall
Seed Bombers Can Plant An Entire Forest Of 900,000 Trees In One Day!
Sometimes Extremely Remote Means You Need Capable Transportation To Get There
Tesla Motors Announces A New Home Battery; Living Off The Grid Will Soon Be Status Quo
Historic Defense Tower Repurposed Into Fantastic Home
41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius
Five Years Livin' In A School Bus.... Would You?
Cabins and Quilts - Both Take Time And Patience And Are Worth Making
Super Efficient Strawbale Homes Become Code Legal As They Hit The Market In The UK!
This Millionaire Baseball Player Chooses A Life With A VW And A Surfboard
Using A Natural Log To Make A Unique And Beautiful Planter
Medieval Spanish ghost town becomes self-sufficient ecovillage
Wave Power Could Supply Half the U.S. With Cheap Electricity—Here’s Why It Doesn't
So Much Produce I Couldn't Possibly Pick It All And I Didn't Know What To Do!
How 2 Iowa college students built a home for $489
How To Build A Wooden Wind Turbine From Scratch!
How Burlington Vermont Produces 100% Renewable Energy! Nice Work Guys!
At First This Looks Like A Normal Camper, But When You Open It Up, Wow!!!
Stop The Killing! One Boy Who Made Peace With Lions Is Solving A National Problem...
When Combining Necessity With Ingenuity, New Creations Find A Way Into The World
The Solar Village is the first community in the world to produce 4x more energy than it uses
This 200 Year Old Swiss Chalet Hides A Secret Inside...
If You Go Down To The Woods Today.... You're Sure Of A Big Surprise!
From City Life To Isolation In West Texas.... One Man's Journey
Some Plants To Glow, And Others To Produce Power; Amazing!
Kick Influenza and Colds to the Curb with Garlic (And A Garlic Soup Recipe)
World’s Largest Indoor Farm is 100 Times More Productive
Handmaking Marbled Soap Using Pantry Spices
Leaving The Cul-de-sac In Search Of Adventure - A New Life Off Grid
43 Off The Grid Hacks To Get-Er-Done
Teaching An Eagle To Fly - Learning His Point Of View - A Hero On The Rise
10 Bed Ideas That Are So Cool Your Kids Will Want One If You Dare Let Them Peek
Growing Bananas Off-Grid: Tour of A Tropical Greenhouse in the Rocky Mountains
One Little Idea Is Changing A Few Farms, And With A Little Water Will Grow To Change The World
This is Bloody Disturbing... A Drive Through The Bush Reveals This Ugly Truth About Some People

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