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Live Footage of the 7.8 Earthquake In Nepal Today
Orchestral Musicians Bring Whales To Surface – This Will Take Your Breath Away
A Great Surprise: The Moment The Volcano Exploded---
Step By Step to Build A U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed And 11 Shining Examples
Did You Know – Bees Get a Boost From Caffeine
Chickens In The City: Oakland Renter Grows Food At Her Bountiful Home
After Earning A Purple Heart, A Soldier Becomes A Cowboy
There's Beauty In The room: 15 Vintage Cook Stoves
BREAKING: Volcano Calbuco has just erupted in Chile and people have been evacuated.
Permaculture in Malawi: using food forests to prevent floods and hunger
This Tiny House Could Be Yours! Essay Contest from Sustainafest Will Determine A Winner
The Umbrella Home: Super Efficiency
The Best Off-The-Grid Water Heater Yet, and They're Ready To Roll!
Home Made 220 Gallon Rain Barrel Collection System For $150.00
The Lifesaver Bottle Will Save Millions Of Lives: Sterile Drinking Water
Dream Job To Get paid $20,000 to travel and camp across Canada Inspires Many; 2 Couples Chosen
An Australian Mom Repaints Doll Faces To Make Them Look Like Real Kids
This Back Pack Could Power Your Laptop For A Couple of Months
EV owners in San Francisco can now recharge their cars off the grid with solar energy
Here's A Free Set Of Tiny House Plans. Now Who's Ready To Build One?
It Took Him Over 35 Years, But What He Did With Thousands Of Toothpicks Will Leave You STUNNED
Teach Children To Value Nature. Here's One Way To Do It....
This Striking Chart Shows Why Solar Power Is Taking Over The World
6 Lies that Keep Our Homes and Lives Cluttered
The Tiny House Conference In Portland This Weekend Was A Slam Dunk!
California's Man-Made Drought: A 7 Part Detail On One Large Mistake
This Cement Alternative Absorbs CO2 Like A Sponge
Amy's Plantain Pizza Crust Recipe Is Healthy And Delicious!
How much money exactly are we saving by living tiny??
21 Amazing She-Sheds: A Woman's Answer To The Man Cave
It's Easy To Eliminate Troublesome Ant Mounds With This Simple 99 cent Solution
Goodyear Has A New Wheel Designed To Generate Power For Your Electric Car
The Biggest Down Side To A Small Home Is When Someone Steals It
Meet The Man Who Grows Furniture Right From The Ground
The Beginnings Of A Vegan...
Building A Gravity Fed Aquaculture System:
California Drought Leaves One Town Completely Out Of Water
The Transformation That Turned This Truck Into The Most Amazing Little Home I've Ever Seen
Organic Farm, Earthen Housing, And Permaculture Educators In Romania: Come Volunteer!
Ghost Town's Request For Volunteers Draws Much Interest
How Would You Feel About A Cell Phone Battery That Charges In Seconds?
Don't Buy Celery! Reuse The Stalks Like This!
How Would School Be If Class Was Outside On 100 Acre Farm? Well That's How It Works Here:
Oklahoma Restaurant Owner Offers Free Meal To Dumpster Diver
Charges Dropped Against Woman for Front Yard Vegetable Garden
Unprecedented Species Dieoff's And Starvation In The Pacific Ocean Means What Exactly?
They're Saying That Cheese Might Make Us Healthier Now! Let's Make Some Homemade Mozzarella!
45 Photos: Our Off The Grid Cottage Dream On 100 Acres Of Beauty
This $25 Potting Tree DIY Is So Simple, Yet So Awesome!
37 RV Tips & Tricks That Will Make You A Happy Camper!
Iconic VW Camper Van To Be Revived As An Electric Vehicle!
For sale: entire medieval Italian village for £485,000
The Most Perfect Log Cabin Ever Built! What Do You Think?
How We Are Living For $200 Per Month All Summer Long (and loving it!)
Watch How The Amish Raised This Massive Barn In One Day - No Cranes!!
On Generation Z - And Earthen Workshop Schedule In Poland
Build Your Own Tesla Turbine As A Water Powered Or Steam Powered Generator
The Easy Breath Snorkel Mask Makes Underwater Breathing Easier
A Solar Powered E-Bike That Goes Over 30 Miles Per Hour!
Have You Heard This Great Song? It's Called Living Off The Grid!
Underhill - The Magical Hobbit Like Ecco Cave House
Younger buyers demand more energy efficient homes
Have You Ever Heard Of The Blue Grotto Before? This Is Fantabluelous!
Margy and Wayne Are Floating On Their Off Grid Dream
Off Grid Costa Rican Eco Dream-Home And Farm By The Beach Has It's Advantages
The Sounds Of Solar Could Be Something Like This...
This Community Creates An Off The Grid Internet In Greece
Northern California Rice Farmers Must Choose: Their Crop Or Water For People
The Latest New Go Sun Solar Stove Heats to 550 Degrees Without Electricity In Minutes!
Why Not Make A Light Bulb From Algae?
When Organics Goes Bad...
Tesla Now Banned From Direct Sales In West Virgina
Distilling Saltwater With a $3.00 Contraption Could Save Your Life
Lost City Discovered In The Honduran Rain Forest
Solar Seawater Distiller Turns Salt Water into Drinking Water Using Only Sunlight
This pallet-based patio proves that even renters can have stylishly-remodeled spaces
Diapers Help Your Plants Grow!
IBM Solar Collector Magnifies Sun By 2000X – These Could Provide Power To The Entire Planet
Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse: Our Family Photo Event
The Off Grid Battery That Runs On Air!
California: Why We Can't Survive The Drought, And Discovering The Real Problem
A Hawaiian Adventure Hike, And Kristie Rediscovers This Forgotten Village
Sneak Peak: Off Grid Strawbale Cabin
Instead Of Spending Hundreds On A Sofa, He Found This Cheap DIY Alternative
Wait Until You See How Much Fun It Is The Way These Guys Set Up Life Off The Grid
Three Cyclists Attempt To Cross Through Off-Grid Territory In The Panamanian Jungle
Why be hungry? Did you know there's a salad waiting in your front lawn? Part 1
World’s most widely used insecticide proven to damage bees’ brains
Tesla Unveils Plug-in Hybrid Mobile Home
What Is A Root Cellar And Why Should I Want One?
A Photographer Visited A Lost Mongolian Tribe. These Photos Are Stunning
2-wheeled untippable EV gyrocar from SF automaker startup
Melbourne Water Encourages Australian Citizens to Build 10,000 Rain Gardens
Harnessed Lightning: Transmitting Electricity Without Wires
Dutch Unveil Worlds First Solar Bike Path
DIY Off grid lighting and electricity for $12 - When It's Time To Set Up Your Solar System
After Finding An Old Wooden Pallet, She Transformed It Into Practical Furniture
Grass Covered Stone Hunting Lodge Rises From The Terrain In This Efficient And Awesome Design

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