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Steven Tyler's New Country Song With Off The Grid, Gypsy, Hippie Music Video Goes Viral
The Last Trapper; The Art Of Living In Harmony With Nature
One Man Builds A Boat Styled Home on $1500 and 100 hours of labor
Living off the Grid: A Beginning
These Guys Built The Ultimate Party Pontoon For Summer Fun! And It Cost Almost Nothing!
Urban farmers in São Paulo are growing food in unexpected places
10 Unusual DIY Creations With 55 Gallon Barrels
This VW Has A New Lease On Life
12 Natural Antibiotics That Our Ancestors Used Instead of Pills
100 years ago, people were eating things that most of us will never taste. So what happened?
Happy 4th Of July! With A Little Flare And Style...
From Rusty Van To Cozy Home - The Van Converstion Is Finally Complete!
Amy's Kitchen Is Opening An All Vegetarian Drive-Thru
20 Fun And Creative DIY Swimming Pools!
Once Again Colorado Senate Drowns Rainwater-collection Bill Jeopardizing the Safety Of It's Citizens
Between A Black Snake And A Mother Rabbit, Who Wins? Watch And Find Out
Surviving In The Siberian Wilderness For 70 Years: No Contact
When The Power Goes Out, How Do You Wash Your Clothes? Here's One Way To Do It
The Man with the Golden Arm
Cabo Polonio is a completely off-grid village of hippies, fishermen and star gazers
How To Build An Outdoor Pizza Oven
This Tractor Tire Becomes A Beautiful Pond
Watch As Lexis Catches The Largest Grouper Ever Caught By A Girl In A Kayak
This Hunter Howls Like A Coyote. Listen To The Response In The Woods.
30 Uses For Wood Ash You May Never Have Considered
44 Ways To Catch Rain
How To Build A Rocket Stove For Earth Friendly Cooking
Conservation Minded Eco Warrior Gets The Message Out - In the News
This Unique Spanish Style Eco Home Is Well Insulated And Energy Efficient!
When Coffee Fails, or Maybe I Shouldn't Blame The Coffee
Small Rustic Colorado Cabin on 40 Acres with Mountain Views, And It's For Sale!
How To React If Attacked By A Grizzly Bear And Best Chance Of Survival
Rooftop Farming With 2 Liter Bottles: Functional, Beautiful, Inexpensive
Google’s Self-Driving ‘Koala’ Cars Now Out in the Wild
I bought the parcel yesterday. I had seen the cabin from a distance up til today.
Setting Up A Portable Wood Stove For Cabin Use
Traceable Explores Growing Disconnects With How Clothes Are Made
Vet Fighting City Hall to Live off the Grid on His Own Property Tells His Story
For The Sake Of The Trees, We'll Find A Work-Around; Here's 43 Examples
Buying a car could soon be a thing of the past, and Ford is desperate to find what’s next
275 Bears To Be Hunted In Florida This October
Ton Matton’s Chicken Cabinet
Hang Dried Clothes: The Good And The Bad
A Contemporary Wooden Sauna On The Sea
Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village - When Nature Is Allowed To Take It Back
Storms on the sun sparks auroral displays and power disruptions
This Big Mound Of Dirt Is An Amazing Little Home!
Powered By Humidity And Evaporation: There Are So Many Ways To Harness Energy!
Jurassic Park Theme Music Like You've Never Seen It
This Big Tough Dog Carefully Watches Over 200 Baby Ducklings
Which One's For You? 18 Beaches That Beckon A Change Of Pace
Urban Nomadism In Amsterdam: The Mobiation Project
Is Communalism The Antidote To The Sadness Of Modern Life?
Lindsey's First Try With Seeds, And The Sunflowers That Followed
Fresh Mountain Air: When A Hike Makes Your Day Better
Mini generators use traffic movement to capture vibrations and generate power
When You're Too Old And Tired To Till The Soil: Well That's One Way To Do It
To All The Amazing Dad's Out There... Happy Father's Day!
Food Waste: 40% Of U.S. Produce Never Makes It To The Table
A Mad Idea Fueled By Gin: A riverboat steam tub or....
Watch As This Amazing Woodsman Builds A Cozy Shelter With Materials From The Forest
What if I told you this iron fish can fix a disease that affects billions of people
DIY Solar Hot Water Heat Kit For About $30
How One Man Built His Natural Swimming Pool
Sometimes We Just Need A Cabin By The Stream To Bring Us Back To Normal
These Exercise Machines Turn Your Sweat Into Electricity
This Cool New Ice Chest Doubles As An Off Grid Air Conditioner!
A Beautiful Day For A Hike To The Top Of Harbor Mountain
This Adventursome Cat Has Seen Things Most Humans Only Dream About
This Wilderness Shipping Container Home Offers the Perfect Off-Grid Lifestyle
Man Builds 12×12 Tiny Pallet Cabin with Free Pallet Wood
Autism To Astrophysics, After Leaving Special Ed, Jake Skipped Seven Grades And Then...
A Teacher And His Students Build An Electric Car For $1,000
Tree Stump Lamps Provide Beautiful Light And The Creativity Of Natural Beauty
More Than 800 Goats To Mow The Lawn
In Alabama, This Military Vet Is Under Attack For Choosing An Off-Grid Lifestyle
Photographer Shares His Love For His Dog Through This Most Amazing Tribute
Top 10 ways to use up leftover celery
An arrest warrant for a Central Texas woman ends with an act of kindness from four brothers.
Brilliant Home In the Canary Islands With Solar And On-Site Wind Turbines
Chapter 1: What Is Your Ultimate Goal In Life
Kim Bought A Uhaul, And Turned It Into Her Own Little Taj MaSmall!
Does Your Wood Stove Make Electricity Too? This One Does!
Powered By Air! Tesla's Dream Is Here Through Wifi Powered Electronics
A Colorado Dream Living with the bare minimum - the small house of Christopher and Merete
Rob Is Living Large In His $900 Tiny Bedroom And An Outdoor House
One Man Builds A Floating Island Paradise With 150,000 Bottles And Loads Of Practice
For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II
Fantastic Shipping Container Home Wraps Around A Giant Cedar Tree
30 Years Alone In The Alaskan Wilderness, The Story About A Woodsman And The Home He Built
His car got 463 MPG and ran on fumes
Powered By A Green Roof- Really? Yes, Plant Power Is Here!
Meet MOW: A Fun Wireless Light Solution
Rainwater Collection Made Easy With a 600 Gallon Water Bladder
One Man Built A Home Out Of Shipping Containers And It's The Coolest Thing Ever
Trader Joe's Ex-President Opens Store With Aging Food And Cheap Meals
You Can Plant Veggies Into July!
Earth Home Instructor Brings Her Vision To 'Completion'
Free-range backyard chickens seem immune to the massive bird flu outbreak in chicken factories Learn more:
With Humility and Perserverence, Johnny's Tree Teepee Saves Millions Of Gallons Of Water

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