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Blood moon paints the sky red: Stargazers around the world look to the heavens to witness lunar spectacle for first time in 33 years (Part 3)
Blood moon paints the sky red: Stargazers around the world look to the heavens to witness lunar spectacle for first time in 33 years (Part 2)
Blood moon paints the sky red: Stargazers around the world look to the heavens to witness lunar spectacle for first time in 33 years (Part 1)
He Dragged 4 Shipping Containers Onto His Property, And What He Turns Them Into Left Me Speechless.
Giant sinkhole swallows campsite: 'I thought we were goners'
Is Homesteading Really That Simple?
MiniBus turned into a Tiny Home (Pics)
Rocket Mass Heater by Radek Stastny‎
Tiny container house is answer to homeless vet's prayers
Home-Made Flour Tortilla Recipe -Never Buy Them From The Supermarket Again!
Teenage whizzkid who was banned from leaving school to run his own company gets around the problem – by hiring himself as an apprentice
Go to Mars and back on ONE tank of fuel: Student creates radical ion drive system that he says outperforms Nasa's engines
Essential Oils and Children
Rammed Earth + Prefab = Quick and Cheap DIY House
15 Survival Duct Tape Tricks Every Prepper Should Know [PICS]
Without Bound: perspectives on mobile living
Artist Veronika Richterová turns plastic bottles into beautiful plant and animal sculptures
Shire delight! Inside the £140,000 underground holiday home that looks like it belongs in Lord of the Rings
Magical Hobbit-Like Eco Cave House
Brick Design For A Cool Rocket Stove To Heat In A Hurry!
Turn a Deluxe Playhouse Into a Tiny Home
Tesla Battery To Power Your Home, Completely Off Grid – Coming To Australia In 2015
Lloyd Kahn on his NorCal self-reliant half-acre homestead
How To Build A Stealth Fire And The Smokeless Dakota Fire Pit
Old wood wife wanted to burn. Turned it into a solid plank hardwood floor for the cabin
You Will Not Believe What These Guys Do On The Ice! Winter Is Coming Soon...
Off The Grid and Accessible Only By Float Plane, Two Adventurers Set Out To Record Their Stories
Revolutionary 3-D Printer Can Build 10 Houses In 24 Hours, And For Only $5,000 Each!
New Study: Vaccinated Children Have Up To 500% More Disease Than Unvaccinated Children
Survivalist tiny dorms at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin architecture school
How to watch the SUPER BLOOD MOON eclipse: Rare phenomenon will be seen throughout most of the world this weekend
Homemade Aluminum Can Burners
Local governments crackdown on residents going 'off-the-grid'
Self Seeding Plants for a Low-Maintenance Garden
GreenPods: Small, Low-Impact, Energy-Efficient Homes
Taking Charge: Living Off Grid
MOS architects develops modular element house for off-the-grid living
This combine was used to lead police on a chase overnight in Barton County
Cherokee Nation Adds To Bison Herd On Tribal Land
Gigantic Wooden Megaphones Amplify the Sounds of the Forest in Estonia
How French Artists in 1899 Envisioned Life in the Year 2000: Drawing the Future
New Solar Wind Downdraft Tower Could Revolutionize Wind Power Technology
Landslide In Canada Swipes Newly Completed Off Grid Home
Build Naturally with Stone
Magic Wheelchair creates awe-inspiring Halloween costumes for children in wheelchairs
Burgdorf Hot Springs Will Tickly Your Fancy As One Fantastic Place!
Tree Houses: Breathtaking Fairy Tale Castles In The Air From Around The World
When The Off Grid Dream Becomes A Hard Road
Apple's Wind Turbine Makes Power Even When There's No Wind
Ancient Mayan impact on the environment is still seen today: 2,000-year-old activity continues to shape tropical forests
Off The Grid And Bill Free: When It All Starts To Make Sense
Parents take two young sons 13,000 miles round the world using every form of transport EXCEPT planes
Would you CHOOSE to spend a night in jail? Ohio prison converted into a B&B offers guests a stay behind bars
10 Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms-Guide to Mushroom Identification
7 Things You Need To Know About Bushcraft
DECENTRALIZED WATER POLICY COUNCIL: Looks to increase CA ability to reuse and conserve water
When getting lost is actually fun: The world's most incredible mazes include ice labyrinths and hedgerow shapes
Mycotecture: Building with Mushrooms? This Inventor Says Yes
7 Most Amazing Hot Springs In The World
What happens when big philanthropy efforts fail?
Children exposed to indoor insecticides are 47% more likely to be diagnosed with childhood leukemia
Zero-Net Energy Homes the New Reality in California
24M Unveils the Reinvented Lithium-Ion Battery
Scientists find that geoengineering to address climate change may do more harm than good
Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease
Couple Builds DIY Reclaimed Off Grid Tiny Cabin for $7k
More than 35 years ago, Pedro unexpectedly lost his wife, and planted this garden for his love
Jay Whitacre takes the Lemelson-MIT Prize for his saltwater battery
Should You Get a Tesla Home Battery? Let Physics Explain
How to Build A Root Cellar
The Natural Vernacular Architecture of Africa.
How to Make a Living On The Homestead Without a Job
An art studio made from bamboo, palm leaf and coconut in India.
Bus Converted into Mobile Food Market to Bring Healthy Produce to Neighborhoods in Toronto
The world’s largest Delta 3D printer can print nearly zero-cost housing out of mud
The world's first skyscrapers were made from clay over 500 years ago. Many of these long standing ancient relics are under fire.
Southern California’s Most Water-Conscious Resident?
Porsche’s new Mission E electric vehicle packs 600+ horsepower and recharges in 15 minutes
Portable woodstove folds down, heats up tents, yurts & tiny homes
World's Largest Spice Company To Go Organic & Non-GMO By 2016
Why I'm So Glad I Quit My Life
The Top Ten Things Parents Hate About Common Core - And Reasons To Home or Privately School Your Children
Herding with donkeys; watch a donkey protect his owner from an angry cow
The truth about why raw milk is illegal
To survive, Haitians Resort to Eating Dirt.
How to Tan a Hide
Earthbag buildings withstand earthquake in Nepal.
Offgridquest Automatic Storage Shelves
Incredible Napmobile lets you test drive a cozy mattress on the road
How To Turn A Can Tab Into A Survival Fish Hook
The Decline of Play in Preschoolers — and the Rise in Sensory Issues
French Law Passed: All New Rooftops Must Be Covered Wiwth Plants Or Solar Panels
So you want to be fuel efficient? How To Install an engine on a bike
How To Build A 300 Square Foot Windproof Hoop House For Under $500

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