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Big Island Treehouse (Pictures & Video)
Disney's New Solar Farm Is A Not-So-Hidden Mickey
Who Said Living Off Grid Meant Going Back to the Basics? (Video)
Camp For Free In One Of These Great Locations!
Move Over Paddleboard - There is a New Waterboard in Town
Nope: That Is No Cat Fish At The End Of The Line! (Video)
Teenager Builds A Tiny House: How And Why? (Video)
Living Off-Grid in a School Bus for $5,000
Do You Think A 3-Day Weekend Is A Solution to Saving Energy? (video)
Shark Collides With Man on Paddleboard
World Change Alert! Windows And Walls That Harvest Energy (Video)
In A 1.2 Acre Field, One Man Planted A Van Gogh Work Of Art (video)
Taking Better Care Of Our Water
Benefits Of Living In An Underground Home
Outdoor Structures You Will Fall in Love With
More Major US Cities Are Growing Free-Food Forests!
What Happened When My School Ended Useless Homework?
Evicted: What Happens When Poverty Is Profitable?
Camping Trips For Tots.... Without Mom And Dad?!?
Edible Schoolyard: A Project in Action
How's This For Use Of Pallets? 10 Years Of Fun Work
Historic Village Is On Sale For $175,000 – But There’s A Catch
Keep Pests Off Your Pets! Tips On What Plants To Grow That Repel Ticks And Fleas!
Turning Junk Mail Into Free Slow Burning Firewood (With Caution)
Writers Journey Into The Fjords, and How Nature Impacted His Message (video)
DTV Shredder: Literally Like Nothing You Have EVER Seen Before!
New Way To Power A Home: Wind & Solar Makes Hydrogen (video)
Solar Top-Dog In Bankruptcy Trouble
What is Project Stoke and Why Should I Care?
Cleaning a Cast Iron Stove with a Potato? Who Knew!
Sleep with the Sharks - Literally!
Discovery Could Rewrite History of Vikings in New World (Video)
Wave Energy: One Buoy Can Power 200 Homes!
Father/Son Duo Transform School Bus into Solar Powered Tiny Home
Human Libraries: Where You Check Out People Instead of Books
DIY Etch-A-Sketch coffee table!
River Salmon Are Moving Again After River Restoration
Gardening For Beginners : Who Said You Needed A Lot of Space?
What Would You Think If You Saw This In The Woods? Radiation? Haunted Tree?
Would You Ride Your Bike to Work If Your Boss Paid You To?
Portable lounge chair, to enjoy the outdoors in a totally different way.
Off-Grid Survival: Shipping Container Becomes An Epic Home or Bunker
Ten Things We Wish We’d Known Before We Went Off Grid
Could the Earth's Soils Be Our Answer to Global Climate Change?
Wind Powered Sculptures Hypnotize
Family Builds a House INSIDE a Greenhouse (video)
Children Have A Way of Putting Life into Perspective - How This Family had a Wake Up Call.
Snowboards & Skis Recycled into Awesomeness
Turning Wood Into the Ultimate Fertilizer is Easy With One of These
Cork For Crutches: Inventor Saves The Life Of His Goldfish with Cork and Tape
Mini Solar Powered Cooler Takes the Edge Off in 100 Degree Summer!
Public Health Awareness Moves Walmart to Decline Caged Chickens
The Everglades Have Shrunken By Half, But Funding Is In Place To Restore The Ecosystem (video)
The Blob Home - A New Take on the Tiny House
Blandito: The Bendable Taco Chair
Kids Spend Less Time Outdoors Than Prisoners
Did you Know You Can Have Fruit Trees Growing On Your Balcony?
Adventurer Hopes To Hike 500 Miles With 1860 Gear
Cool Spaces: Earthships & Gypsy Wagons
The Ultimate Pizza On the Go, A True Neapolitan Experience on Wheels.
University develops leak-proof food bowls from leaves
How About A Little Bird-house Creativity!
Reclaimed Wood Tray Ideas for the Home
A 102-Year-Old Transport Ship Sprouts a Floating Forest
The Seas Will Save Us: How an Army of Ocean Farmers are Starting an Economic Revolution
DIY: Awesome Low Cost Backyard Fire Pit
Off-Grid Capsules That Promote Green Living
Clever Hiding Places To Stash Your Stuff
How To Pump Water Without Using Electricity.
Cob House Built for $250 From Mud, Straw and Clay – That's It!
Roll Out Solar System For Quick Power On The Fly! (video p.2)
Cheap Trick - Mosquito Repellent Clears Foggy Headlights
Some of The Greatest Trees That Ever Lived
A Portable Scootbike To Get You Around - Better than Walking, You Think?
Different Ways to Grow Potatoes | Potato Planting Ideas
Survival Skill: How to Start a Fire With a Lemon
Excuse Her Language, But This Hiker Is Forgiven After Encounter With Panther. (Video)
Baby Crib in the Shape of a Toyota Truck That Turns Into A Changing Table (Photos)
DIY: How to Make a PVC Bow (Video)
Build Your Own Planter Box With Beautiful Cascading Flowers
Man invents machine to convert plastic into oil
Converting Waste Plastic to Ultra-Clean, Ultra-Low Sulphur Fuel
Costco is Getting Creative Trying to Meet Shoppers’ Huge Appetite for Organics
Unique DIY Containers Ideas For Planters.
Andres And His Rake Continue Making Magic In the Sand
This is One of the Reasons Why Finland has the Best Schools
For Sale - 76.15 Acres of Rural Land For Sale!
Starting a Spring Garden in the Canadian Wilderness
Off Grid Rural Property: 45 acres for Sale for $189,000 in Preble MN
Turn Garbage Into Useable Plastic With Your Home-Based Plastic Factory (Free Plans)
HUD Wants to Make Living in a Tiny House or RV Illegal
Incredible Houseplants That Clean the Air
Green-roofed school grows its own herbs and vegetables
This woman started growing fresh produce in her backyard so low income families have access to clean
Man gets stuck in a compost bin in gardening accident, family just laughs
Saving precious rainwater for a sunny day (Video)
History: TierFelder (Low loader) Base model single cab Utilitarian VW Bus
What are your thoughts on Over-fishing? Is it a threat to humanity and our oceans?

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