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They Lived on $20 A Day: For A Year At a Time Traveling The World! Could You Do It?
This Dentist Offered To Fix Their Teeth If They Stopped Cutting Down Trees!
Meet the men reviving the ancient craft of tree beekeeping
Mmmm...Breadless Sandwich Ideas
"Social Robot" Helps Kids With Autism Learn New Skills
Never Know When You'll Need One of These: How to Install A Hand Pump (Video)
Great Opportunity For Those Who Want To Learn!!! Internship at Ampersand Sustainable Living Center (Vacancy for 5)
What the Hail?! This is What One Family Thought of Their House The Morning After The Storm.
Is This The Future Of Plane Travel?
This Gorgeous Tiny House Packs a Big Punch
Even Walt Disney Promotes Food In Their Gardening Beauty!
DIY Wine Bottle Torch
DIY Earthen Floor in 3 Days
1300 Pounds Of Roman Coins Discovered During Water Pipe Maintenance!
World’s Largest Landfill is Not On Land (Video)
The Farm-acy Within The Garden
Where Raw Materials Meet Creativity: Rustic Woodworking
How Growing Vegetables Is Changing The Face Of An Bankrupt City (Video)
Wave Energy=Electricity
Coolest Cooler: A Great Idea On The Rocks
AquaVault: A Portable Safe Brings Peace Of Mind To Swimmers
Family Banned From Their Land For Living Off-Grid (UPDATE)
Is A Rooftop Bee Sanctuary Coming to a Hotel Near You? (Video)
Learn How To Grow Your Own Garlic At Home
Pint Sized Window AC Unit Packs a BIG Punch
Inspiring Vegetable Gardens And How To Create Your Own
He Might Just Be The Answer Tick Born Illnesses
Help Detox Your Liver With Raisins
Great Opportunity !!! 115,000 watts, 50 cents a watt !!!
Treehouses Are Taking Over The World
36 Knockout And Delicious Cast Iron Skillet Recipes
Do DNA Devices Circumvent Power Line Hacking and dirty energy assaults?
Are Vertical Skyfarms the Future of Sustainable Agriculture?
Who Knew Cardboard Boxes Could Become the Ultimate Play Space for Kitty?
Local Timber Built on Site. A Thing of Beauty!
Canoe Caskets Let You Set Sail On Your Final Voyage
The Véritable indoor garden lets you grow herbs and vegetables right in your own kitchen
This Library In Africa Keeps Cool Naturally! See How!
Chainless Bicycle Set to Launch This Year!
This Chair Warms You Up Just Like A Hot Water Bottle
Self-Powered Coffee Trailer Supplies Two Kinds of Energy
Create Your Own Desk Electronics With Cardboard...Seriously!
Tesla Challenges Boeing 737 to A Race (Video)
Bad Ass Peruvian Grandmother Who’s Standing Up to Big Mining
Homes For Emergency Situations Built For Only $1000
Update From Wild & Free: Our Garden is Flourishing
Maintaining Privacy In A Digital World
Starting the First Garden on our Off Grid Homestead (Videos)
Rain Barrels, Cistern or Well? (Explained)
The Physical and Mental Benefits of Gardening: Start Now!
Keeping Produce 4x's Longer: Check This Out!
Shattering The Stereotypical View of Farmers
Energy Saving Solution for Diesel Engines (Video)
This Real Life 'Magic School Bus' Can Drive You Across the Surface of Mars
Tools of the Trade: DeWalt X-Ray Wall Scanner
A Necessity For Every Off-Gridder
Planes Can Plant 900,000 Trees A Day With Seed Bombs
Recipe: Dandelion Egg Noodles
Video of Cities of the Future: Village Homes in Davis, Ca (Since 1982)
First Farm-to-Table New Home Community
A Green-Roofed Hobbit Prefab Home Anyone Can Build In Just 3 Days! (Video)
'Agrihoods': Suburban Living Built Around Community Farms
Great News!!! Brazil Suspends Licensing of Controversial Amazon Dam!
Gorgeous Vintage RV Camping Trailer. The Only Way To Travel.
Home Built With Wine Bottles: A Beautiful Display of Creativity
Rent A Goat: Natural Methods Are Mowing Their Way Through the Countryside
Lovely Relationship Between and Owl and its Handler. (Video)
Company Recalls Frozen Vegetables Due to Possible Health Risk
31 Ways To Organize Your Tiny Home Kitchen
Fire On The Water: Natural Occurrence or Fracking?
It's Spring! 22 Plant & Grow Ideas For The Garden
Meet the Giant One-Armed Crocodile, Brutus! (Video)
How To Transform Ikea Cubbies Into A Pottery Barn Console
You can travel the world via the ocean in this floating 'UFO' home! (Video)
Say Hello to the Next Evolution in Solar Panels: Flexible, Lightweight, and for Use on any Surface. (Video)
We Could Be Witnessing the Death of the Fossil Fuel Industry
The City that Feeds Mexico City
Vibrant Reef Has Been Discovered in the Muddy Amazon
Getting Rid of Garden Pests
Is This Real Life? Star Wars Scout Walker In The Back Yard!
Did You Just Tell Me To Put An Onion In My Sock? Yes, Yes I Did!
Living With The Eagles, And When 'Progress' Takes Their Trees
Thought For Food – How We’ll Feed the Rising Billions in the 21st Century
Track N Go: A Wheel Driven Track System (Video)
Urine-Powered Batteries ... What!? Are You Serious?
Vintage Electric Bikes from Italy Out-Hip Even the Coolest Ride
To Avoid Ridiculous Rent Prices: San Francisco Resident Pays $400 a Month to Live in a Box
DIY Recycled Wood Into Rustic Shutters
International Code Council (ICC) has requested a presentation to address building codes for Tiny Homes
Update From Tiny House Build... and The Tiny House Movements Future!!
Tiny Invention Puts Unlimited Food/Plant/Medication Information at Your Fingertips
Gravity Brings Light To The World (video)
Creative and Beautiful Cinder Block Decor
Puddle Jumpers Become Art
The Beauty of Natural Building in Cord Wood
Garden Has Waiting List For Plots
How Cherokee Make Aspirin from a Willow Tree
Demand For Organic Forces Action
Recycle and Decorate with Liquor Bottles.
Custom 3D Printed Insole: And All You Have to Do Is Take A Picture From Your Phone?

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