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Beautiful Lake Cushman and the Runaway Drone (story & video)
The Portable Bathtub That Stores Flat!
Aquion Energy Introduces 24-Volt Version of Industry-Leading Aspen Battery System
Would You Send Your Kids To School In The Wild? (Video)
Test Flight; Drone-Style Craft With Human Pilot
We Purchased 5 Acres In The Northwest, And Are Starting From Scratch
Solar Hub Is Changing the World By Providing Clean Drinking Water, Elecricity, and WIFI in one Hub!
$6 Per Month Brings Solar Light To Those Off-grid
Make Your Own Charcoal Using A Paint Can & Twigs (video)
Being Paid to Use Renewable Energy? That's What Happened In This Country...
Finding Clay In Nature And How To Use It
Inflatable Bubble Tent...Yes, You Read That Right!
Scientists Accidentally Created Nanorods That Harvest Water From The Air
Welsh Thatcher Seeks Apprentice To Carry On The Trade
This Portable Shower Solution Is Off-the-hook!
Light Bulbs That Work When The Power Goes Out!
Turning Rocks into Gems
The Alpod: The Future in Mobile Housing Is Here! (Video)
1000 Acres at Rancho Del Sol: A Family Adventure And Time To Sell The Farm
Building Your Own Outdoor Solar Heated Shower
This Guy Built His Own In-Ground Pool For $3000... With Step-by-step Instructions (and video)
10 Ocean Phenomenon You Won't Actually Believe Exist
The Grown-Up's Getaway! Camping Pods & Tents...
Oh The Tenacity To Live On The Water
Did Your Selfie-Stick Get Banned? A Selfie Revolution Is Here
Artificial Rain: Surving Forest Fires Off Grid- 100 Miles From Anyone ( Off Grid and Free )
Miami Beach bans drinking straws
100 Miles From Anyone: When A Forest Fire Comes Over The Hill (from Off Grid & Free )
Norway Becomes First Country in the World to Zero Deforestation
Silk keeps fruit fresh without refrigeration
What Was Originally An Old Pump House Is Now A Gorgeous Lakeside Retreat!
Molekule Purifier Destroys Pollutants Rather Than Collecting Them
5 Years Of Hauling Salvaged Material Up A Hill Produced This AMAZING Retreat! Check It Out...
12th Century Mosque Made With Cob - Will A Modern Home Last This Long?
This Amazing Aquarium Brings the Ocean Into the Kitchen
3D Solar Design Is 20 Times More Powerful Than Traditional Panels
DIY Swimming Pool for Less Than $100
The Bush Winch: It Can Always Help Your Car Get Out of Difficult Situations! (Video)
From Wine Glasses To Flat Screen: This Trailer/Caravan Holds It All!
Best Explained Do-It-Yourself Step by Step Hydraulic Ram Pump
Nissan reveals its answer to Tesla's Powerwall battery system for the home
It’s Not Just A Garage. It’s A Micro Home
Dome Homes Made from Inflatable Concrete Cost Just $3,500
Cute 550 Sq. Ft. Prefab Timber Cabin
NHL Facility Becomes First LEED Silver Certified(Video)
What If I Told You You Could Live Debt Free In Your Garage... Don't Believe Me? This Couple Did It!
Into the Wild: Off-Gridding In Europe
3 Simple Tips For Traveling Long Term On A Tight Budget (video)
They Turned 1200 Recycled Tires Into Something Amazing! Check It Out... (Video)
DIY Wind Turbines: Homemade Wind Turbines Tutorial
Green Village: An Amazing Place in Bali
Orb Tree House Hotel Dazzles Guests!
Impressive Aqua Dome Thermal Resort
What Is A Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter? (Video Review)
Total Off Grid Living: The Story of Keith Thompson
DIY mosquito trap: How to build a mosquito trap in under 15 minutes. (Video)
What Do You Get When You Combine A Tiny House & A Tear Drop?... A Tiny Drop!
$10,000 Car - AirPod - That Runs On Air (Video)
Recycled PET Water and Soda Bottles Reimagined
This Bride Didn't Want Any Gold Or Diamonds For Her Wedding: Her Request 10,000 Saplings
Do You Know Why They Use Purple Paint on Posts and Trees in Texas?
UPDATE: The World's Most Famous Primate Expert Weighs In on Harambe's Death
Your Leftover Water Feeds The Garden In This Restaurant/Spa
A Simpler Way: Crisis As Opportunity
Are Overprotected Children At A Disadvantage Of Dealing With Life's Realities?
Stanley Meyer and the Water Powered Car: Hidden Technology
Solar Roof Tiles: The Roof Re-invented Again (Video)
Floating waterwheel to generate electricity. (Video)
Wavestar University: The art of wave energy conversion.
World's Largest Solar Powered Hospital Opens in Haiti
Self-Worth, Hard Work, Love, & Happiness (Video)
Crisis:Gardens A Necessity
Changing gut bacteria through diet affects brain function, UCLA study shows (Video)
Thistledome Cabin Build (Video)
Planning on Going Off-Grid? Before You Do, Check This Out! (Video)
Nicole Foss Explains Peak Oil, Financial Crisis, Resilience, and More (Video)
Cow Dung Is Key To The 'Zero Budget Natural Farming Model' & It's Farmer...
Stunning Photos of a Young Woman’s Off-Grid Life in Finland
From Floating Food Forests to Vacant Lot Crops, Urban Farming Is Taking Root Across America
Tutankhamun's Knife was 'Made From Meteorite Iron'
Extreme Combi Busses: Off Road Flying Warriors. (Video)
Watercone: Air Water Distiller and Harvester
These Woven Tents Are Not Only Beautiful But They Collect Water, Harvest Energy from the Sun and Are Portable!
Hate Mushy Thawed Fruit? This Company Has Figured Out How to Keep The Taste, Form, & Structure of Fresh Food!
Aquabot Sprayer Bottle Top, Makes Your Water Bottle Spray 25 Feet and is a Mister too!
David Pagan Butler is Shedding Light on Natural Pools (Video)
Buses Transformed Into US$28 A Night 'Love Hotel' Rooms
Check Out This Flying Two-Seater Car!
Are Tiny Houses Over-Priced? Over-Rated?
This is ACTUALLY a human carrying drone... (Video)
Modular New York homes: a blueprint for post-disaster housing
Man creates a crow bar to dismantle pallets in a breeze (Video)
Milan Creates the World’s First Vertical Forest
Genius Invents Device That Just Straight-Up Sprays Butter Anywhere You Want
'Closest Thing to Raw Milk' Sold Legally for the First Time in Australia
The Toilet Top Sink...Is It The Best Way To Save Water?
Who Want's To Fly? Girl Has Wings!
Horse Power Log Splitter. (Video)
Maggots Are Making This Guy Millions! Yes, I Said Maggots...(Videos)

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