How To Turn Your Ceiling Fan Into A Power Generating Wind Turbine

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With a fury our society and our world is consumed with the ever growing excitement of a future where the grid isn't necessary.  We are developing new and better batteries year by year as we come up with better and better ways to harness the generation of power through simple and easy methods.  Everything that has motion in nature has a way to generate power.  They say there's no such thing as perpetual motion, but our solar system and our universe are filled with things that have energy and go around... from the atom and it's electrons to the planets around the sun, and the galaxy through the universe.  We know that our sun is like millions of nuclear bombs all going off at once creating tremendous energy.  We know that our planet is filled with magma that is hot, and is a potential heat source to heat every cold place on earth.  We know that our atmosphere contains cold air all of the time, and if we could suck some of that cold down to earth, we'd never have to worry about cooling off again.  

We know that beneath the dirt just a few feet down is a constant 52 to 60 degrees all of the time no matter how hot or cold the air above the surface gets.  We know that our human bodies are like batteries that run on food, and go all the day long, but it seems that human power is what we're constantly trying to avoid, and we all have learned that by working smarter instead of harder, we can accomplish much.  And then we are all fat from working too smart, so we "play" by working out at the gym, playing tennis, cycling, and coming up with creative excercises since there are non built into the average job.  

My whole life, I have dreamt of things like connecting a track around the earth, and tying a giant steel cable to to the moon, and as it goes around, it generates power....  Of having little boards under my floor with pivots like little teeter totters, each one as it flips, generating a little bit of current to add to a banked power system, so that every step when my kids run around the house is generating power.  I think of wind turbines on my car as it goes, of what this world would be if every car was nuclear powered.  I see every gym where people work out on machines as a power plant where every machine should be built to generate power as you work out and balance the power usage of the building.  We will find cheaper and cheaper ways to capture the energy of the sun, and of the fire in the fireplace, and from the fuels that we burn, and soon... we will all be off the grid.  

Bringing the practical nature of how easy it is to create power, and a general understanding of it will help spur the minds of all of you inventors and do-it-yourselfers as to the technologies so that you can all be innovators helping to drive us forward into better ways to do things.  The rest of us will be conscious as we buy, so we are supporting and helping move technologies forward that will better the planet.

This is one of those innovative ideas that is simple and clearly explained.  Watch and learn how to turn your ceiling fan into a small power generator.  A ceiling fan is already balanced, already has blades on it, and this is repurposing at its best since most of us have thrown a few of these away:

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