Keep bugs away with these 12 tricks.

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Ahhh, the joys of summertime picnics with friends and family! But sometimes, uninvited guests sneak into your outdoor feast (and we’re not talking about your strange neighbor or cousin).

To keep insects from biting, stinging or annoying you – and just as importantly, to keep them away from your food – follow these 12 sure fire, all-natural tips.

A clean home doesn’t only mean dirt-free rooms or neatly organized shelves, desks or drawers; it also involve keeping bugs at bay. Your food supply must be kept intact by preventing bugs to ever reaching them. During summer you also have other types of annoying bugs that won’t let you read, work or sleep. The following list of tricks will offer you the freedom to choose what solution to apply against the particular type of bugs that have invaded your home, or at least they have tried.

1. Cinnamon Is Useful Against Ants

2. DIY Scented Orange Candle

3. Lemon And Cloves Wasp Repellent

4. A Dish Of Soapy Water Keeps Mosquitoes Away

5. Garlic In The Yard Repelles Mosquitoes

6. Bonfire With A Touch Of Sage

7. PET Bottle Turned Into Cockroach Trap

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