Newlywed Couple Build Tiny House In Parents Back Yard

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The idea and popularity of a tiny house has done more to transform the scape of housing as we know it than any movement since the popularity of the mobile home.  It has managed to transform building codes, to find exceptions to the rules, and to remind us that not everyone is wealthy, and that to finance a large home is not necessarily financial wisdom. 

The home was built using common materials and traditional construction techniques, making it affordable.

In some locations, families have found it increasingly difficult to live near other family members due to economic status.  For instance, we have family in Miami Florida.  Those who live in Miami need to make a healthy income to afford a house.  Those who struggle must move away from family and get out of town to live at a lower income level, while here in Fort Myers, there are neighborhoods where you can buy a $100,000 house two blocks from the water, and a Million dollar house on the water, so friends or family of different demographics can live right up the road from each other.  So in the case where Mom and Dad live in an economy way above their children's capacity, a Tiny-house can be a great way to keep the family nearby until the economic status of the youngsters rises to a higher level, or they inherit the family plot.  This kind of decision can be relative to codes and getting exceptions in your area.

500 square feet doesn’t sound like much, but the design makes every inch count resulting in a spacious open floor plan.

The kitchen is sleek and bright, fit with a bay window that looks out to an exterior gard


"Brenden and Akua had big plans in mind when they decided to build their very own tiny house. As longtime residents of Vancouver, B.C., they had little need for large spaces and extravagant room counts. They had created a life with each other and all they needed was a cozy place to call home. After all, no newlywed couple wants to share their living space with the in-laws.

A wall-hung, dual-flush toilet is featured in the bathroom which saves both space and water!

In stepped SmallWorks Studios, who help facilitate the design and construction of Brenden and Akia’s dream home. The house’s stature made it possible for the couple to construct the home in Brenden’s parent back yard. Without the need to buy land, they were able to afford the perfect nest to start their family. It’s good to know that Everybody Loves Raymond hasn’t deterred us all from living close to mom and pop!"   As featured in Tiny House For Us

The sleeping nook is squeezed into the loft upstairs, but utilizes flanking clerestory windows to open it up.

The new structure sits behind Brenden’s parents home, but is a nice compliment in both style and size.

First level floor plan.

Loft area floor plan.

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photo credit: Brenden and Akua

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