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After lots of time being a vagabond I felt an overwhelming obsession to build a home. My grandfather gave me an acre of land. I began to research different construction techniques and fell in love with the earthship idea. Passive design and rainwater catchment excited me. I built the house entirely myself aside from a few days help from my dad and grandfather.

The construction began with lots of tires and hard work.  The tires were packed to three or four hundred pounds each, giving thermal mass to the walls.  

This stores heat collected during the day for long cold nights and vice versa during hot days.  It's a great way to utilize the earth to heat and cool your home.  

The home is dug-in to the ground, taking advantage to the constant temperatures provided by the earth.  If you have ever been in a cavern, you understand this principle.  The cavern guide always talks about the 58-60 degrees year round temperatures below ground.  

Enjoy the video with more beautiful shots of the place:

It's feels good to build something on your own, and then to live in it.  No bills.... no bills.   Did I mention... no bills?  

This is an off grid rammed-earth tire house, approximately 300 square ft. It was inspired by the Earthship style of construction that originated in Taos, New Mexico. The interior is all stucco and the roof beams are all hand peeled. It is has the style of a southwestern adobe house. It is a passive solar house, meaning it uses the sun to heat the house via south facing windows that catch the low winter sun to heat the house (it also makes for awesome natural lighting). And in the summer it's cooled by the consistent 55 degree earth that surrounds the house. And having lived in this house through a cold winter, I can attest it works like a charm, the house stays a consistently comfortable temperature passively almost all the time . 


And if a snow storm blows in there is a small wood stove that works great and creates an awesome ambiance. The window sill is great for indoor gardening. My tomato, pepper, and herbs are thriving and producing lots of fresh food. The electricity comes from solar panels and is a small off grid system that runs lights, a water pump a small refrigerator, DVD player and charges all out our phones and devices.

More panels and batteries could easily be added to accommodate more energy usage but the system I set up has been adequate for me and my fiancé.

A rainwater catchment system has been set up and provides enough water for long hot showers and gardening and washing (the used shower water waters a fenced in garden). Potable water is hauled into a tank that runs into the house. Water is available for cheap at the nearby Stanford general store. The toilet is a part of a composting toilet system. There is a two burner propane stove that works great. This house has everything that a person or a couple could need.

If you want to be close to nature, live a simpler life, and not have to work your life away to pay bills and a mortgage this could be the place for you. At night, under surreal stars, you can hear the coyotes howl and the owls hoot . Birds of prey soar overhead and Occasionally elk,pronghorn and deer are seen. You can sit in the bench and watch the birds feed from feet away. The sunsets are great out here and light the whole house up in hues of orange and pink.

The town of show low is close as well. All your shopping and dining can be had within a 25 minute drive. The Stanford general store and dollar general are within 10 minutes drive and have most everything you can need. Including excellent pizza, craft beer and live music on weekends. We're close to Indian ruins and so much outdoor recreation. My neighbors are also quite nice, if I ever need to borrow a tool or something they are always there.

I love this house, I put my heart and soul into building it. But life is pulling me To other places and things and I need to sell it. It has quirks, it's not perfect and the price reflects that. But you can have your own piece of freedom and tranquility in this strong, lasting, functional and beautiful one of a kind house. The house is turn key and complete, all you have to do is move in.  

The price is $40,000 which is a firm price.  Email:  Offgridjourney@gmail.com with Showlow in the Subject if this beautiful space is calling you.  

Here's a nice little video about the town of Showlow, Arizona:


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