They bought a chunk of Kentucky wilderness, and stumbled upon this 1800's cabin in the woods!

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After buying almost 300 acres of Kentucky wilderness land, Jenny went out to take pictures of what they had acquired.  

It's more land than one family needs, so they had plans to divide it into sections and sell it off to some other off-grid adventurers.  

She found herself amazed at the beauty as she walked through the woods, and then sent the drone up to get a birds-eye view.  It was during one of these flights that something caught her eye... something that likely hadn't been seen in a very very long time....

And so she meandered into the woods, and climbed up and down the sloping foothills to the Appalachians to chase after what she had seen... and then Jenny found this...

 Her heart pounded as she recounted the bear prints she saw just a while ago, and felt a bit like Goldilox, wondering if the 3 bears lived inside.  An early-american cabin built from the land where she stood.  Who knows, it could have been built by Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone!  And so she wanted to share that excitement with all of you.

"The sound of rushing waters come and go as you walk,"  she says.  "The biggest cave was out across one of the creeks... I couldn't quite get to it without getting wet."  "I have a lot of pictures to deal with, and will eventually get them organized."  As it just so happens, the property has now been subdivided, and the piece where this cabin sets is for sale as tract 10.  There are, however, many other pieces that they will be selling to new neighbors and financing for them if necessary.

Contact Email: and put Kentucky in the subject. Tell her Dave sent you and she'll waive the $299 document fee through the end of the year. 

Here's a few more photos of this beautiful place on page 2:

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