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Just because it has pallets on the inside doesn't mean it has to look like pallets on the outside...  I have dedicated this beautiful page to the Pallet and those who put them to good use rather than throwing them away!  Save this link and look back here to see the great creativity we will have added!

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This Daily Pallet is the creativity of one Canadian woman from Montreal who's pictures speak for themselves.  The first three pages represent her work.... Table entierelogo.jpg

(Translated by Google from French)  

There are still some finishing touches but too eager to show you my new creation ... Always on the principle of reuse of materials recovered to create a unique furniture and inspired ...

table ouv_Snapseedlogo.jpg

This time I added wine boxes that keep wine bottles inside (even the glasses in the other compartment!)

table ouvertelogo.jpg

But this space can be used to store anything else (not necessarily wine) ... We are sure that everyone can find their perfect use!). 

And like the other creations is also on casters ...

table scratch 3 ok.jpg

Here is a second more basic pallet design with the same beautiful stained glass artwork:

montage tables.jpg

table cadre ok.jpg


In Black, the artistry really stands out tremendous! 

table noire 1.jpg

table noire3.jpg



Montreal, Canada 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - 514 458 1075 In creating this blog I want to share with you my creations, mostly made ​​from recycled and reused materials but also objects that I turn away from their primary purpose for their original purpose to give them a second life. I also would take advantage of this blog to share my favorites, my sources of inspiration ....

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