They Were Fined $500 Per Day For Their Garden. Now They Grow Them Everywhere!

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Are you tired of taking care of your lawn?  Did you know the average lawn owner spends $100 per month or more on cutting, fertilizing, putting down pesticides, weeding, edging, and watering their lawns!  

Orlando Startup, "Fleet Farming" will take care of your lawn for you by transforming all that boring grass into an edible garden!  

Above photo:  Boring lawn

They'll let you keep some of the produce, and sell the rest to local restaurants, stores, and farmers markets!  What a fantastic idea!

"Fleet Farming transforms unproductive, wasteful lawns into community-driven urban farm plots. Rather than traveling 1,500 miles from farm to plate, our produce is hyper-local. Everything we grow is sold at local farmers markets and restaurants within a five-mile radius!

Our bike-powered fleet eliminates nearly all fossil fuel consumption during production and transportation, not to mention it reduces the emissions that would have been produced from mowing lawns. Lastly, we are reducing pollutants in our community by cutting the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers on lawns and using organic methods to grow food instead.

The Fleet Fruits aspect of Fleet Farming was created to help reduce the amount of fruit wasted by harvesting it and selling it to local cafes, restaurants, and farmers markets.

The Swarm Rides are community bike events that we host. During these rides, we bike from farmlette to farmlette, seeding, maintaining, weeding, and harvesting with volunteers. These events are like workshops and we teach volunteers about our growing methods and various gardening techniques.

Our Educational Presentation was created so that we can share our model and story with schools, programs, clubs, and other communities so they can one day have a Fleet Farming Branch in their areas. And the Installation Program is essential to our program because it allows people who are not within our Branch’s range of operation to have a productive raised garden bed that grows food and herbs. These are installed by us and then  maintained by the homeowners. We want to empower people to get outside and cultivate their food."

Video from NBC News Story

Not only are they educating the public, providing produce, feeding people, getting the community involved in so many ways, but they are providing a much needed national security defense against hunger!  Check out their web site:  Fleet Farming

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