Once activated with solar energy from the sun the AutoCool Fan works it's magic! Drastically dropping temperatures by 72%!

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Cool Ride is an automatic fan that lowers the temperature inside your car by sucking out the hot air. Summer days cause the temperature inside your car to rise but Cool Ride corrects this problem. It works through a ventilation system that uses solar energy - that is right, no batteries required. The ventilation system actually pulls hot air out of the car and can even lower the temperature by 38 degrees. A small design lets you store it in your glove compartment when you do not need it and when you do need it just clip Cool Ride to the window.

The Claim
Everyone loves hot summer days but everyone hates getting into a hot and sticky car. Whether you have air conditioning are not you cannot prevent the temperature in your car from rising on hot summer days - until now that is. Cool Ride keeps the inside of your car cool. All you have to do is clip Cool Ride to your window and it will work its magic. By using solar energy this small device actually sucks the hot air out of your car. Since it uses solar energy it does not require batteries and it is so easy to install - you just have to clip it on the window.

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How It Works
Cool Ride is a device that’ll ensure that your car won’t overheat, even as it sits in a parking lot or driveway during a very hot day. Within it, a fan that runs by virtue of solar energy literally pulls stagnant heat right out of your car. You must attach this device to the inside of a car window, but this takes only seconds to do, and no tools are required for installation.

Positive Points
Will Work In Any Vehicle
Cool Ride will work within any vehicle, such as a car, truck, van, or RV. If you have more than one vehicle, you can move it between vehicles as you use different ones.

This device is small enough to be stored within your glove compartment when you’re not using it, such as during the winter months.

Reduces Danger
It can be dangerous to get into an excessively hot car, especially for babies or young children. Fortunately, when you have Cool Ride installed, your car will always be at a safe temperature for riding or driving when you get into it.

Reduces Discomfort
Even if your car’s not too hot to put you in danger, it’s simply difficult to drive while sweating excessively, with your hands on a burning hot steering wheel. With Cool Ride, your steering wheel will remain fairly cool to the touch, and your car will never become hot enough to make you sweat buckets. Plus, if you have kids, they won’t be complaining about being too hot.

Can Greatly Lower Temperature
Once you’ve got your Cool Ride installed, it will lower your car’s temperature by up to 38 degrees.

No Battery Power Required
Since Cool Ride’s ventilation fan uses the power of UV rays to run, it does not require any other source of power. Therefore, you won’t need to drain your car’s battery more quickly by using that to power it.

Allows For Attractiveness
When you’re going to work, are headed to an important job interview, or are going to some other special occasion, you likely want to look your best. Without Cool Ride, you may spend hours fixing up your hair, and putting makeup on if you’re a woman, only to have your look ruined by the heat. If you’ve dressed your children to the nines for a special event, their appearance may be ruined, too. However, when you do use Cool Ride, you will arrive at your destination looking like you did right when you left.

Save Money
Most people have to run their air conditioners to cool down their cars when it’s excessively hot out, which can eat up gas. When you use Cool Ride, though, you won’t have to do this as much or at all, as thisdevice’ll keep the car cool without air conditioning.

Save Time
If you don’t have a Cool Ride device, you may have to wait in a parking lot until your car cools down to be on your way. Alternatively, you may need to wait in your car while the air conditioner cools it down. This will add time onto your car trips that you could be using to do something else. Luckily, when you use Cool Ride, you won’t have to do any more of this waiting around, as your car will be a nice temperature for driving at all times.

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