Tesla Coils - For Battle or For Music?

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As part of the Ulster Bank Belfast Festival @ Queens in Belfast, Northern Ireland, two men on two teslacoils wearing special suits go to war with lightning:

It used to be that the bolts of lightning were thought to raise the hair and make beautiful static, but as seen in the Sorcerer's Apprentice, that energy can be channeled to specific frequencies to create music too!  It has taken a while to turn that technology into a product you can take home, but have a look at this:

The Plasmasonic 2.0 Musical Tesla Coil is an advanced solid state Tesla Coil that produces artificial lightning at lengths from 7-10 feet in length. When operated with its MIDI handheld controller, it can create a variety of different lightning and sound effects including polyphonic music reproduction using its built-in MIDI processor. In otherwords, the user has the ability to create music through output arcs of the Plasmasonic 2.0 from any high quality MIDI source, including a keyboard, guitar, laptop, or other compatible MIDI instrument, and reproduce up to two musical tones simultaneously.

This advanced DRSSTC system includes a PLC control system and several layers of safety features including passive bleeders and an active crowbar discharge system.

The song being played is the theme from Super Mario Brothers 2, a video game hit released on the 8-bit Nintendo system in the late 1980s.

Just like in The Sorcerers Apprentice, you can now have creative and exciting music at your place!  There's nothing quite as magical as knowing you're using the same technology that Tesla invented, and makes one dream bigger dreams!  Now available on Amazon


What's the next step in creative electrical technology?  Will we figure out how to transfer it long distances through the air?  Only time and ingenuity will tell! 


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