Off Grid Vs On Grid Solar Education (video)

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If you are thinking about Solar for your home or business, learn the basics. On grid vs Off grid is the difference between having your system connected to the electrical company or running 100% without a connection. Off grid is a more expensive investment because you need batteries, but you will spend less in electricity. On grid is more affordable, but you will have to pay for electricity when the sun is not shining.  

Some off-grid solutions are more economical than on-grid, since it's costly to bring power poles onto the land.  In SW Florida, you can pay $30,000 to connect to electric on some coastal islands.  The shift in solar costs makes it more cost effective to use off-grid solar energy than to connect to the grid.  The same thing happens on rural properties, where you are a ways from the power connection.  You might pay $100k or more to run power lines a mile down the street.  For that it could be much better just to install Solar and a battery bank depending on how much energy you plan on using.  

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