Home-Made Sleds Are Trending As Stores Sell Out For Christmas

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As cold temperatures and snow scatters across the country, Christmas is in the air!  Children are dreaming up just what to do when school lets out, and many will gravitate to the snow outside and leave the i-pads unattended on the bedroom floor.  As the cold front hit the nation, and snow begins to fall, with Christmas gifts on the agenda, the perfect shopping storm for sleds has been in order, and many stores are selling out!

Parents will light up the fireplace or wood stove, as Christmas gifts beneath the tree are piling up.  Many last minute Christmas purchases have been stifled by a hard economy, a missed paycheck, an unexpected medical expense, a hardship you cannot overcome.  Or maybe you want to do something special that's not store bought, something from Mom or Dad just for the kids.  There are many diy projects you could make, but what to make that they would really like?  Check out some of these home-made sled designs to spark your creativity!:

The old skis are always a winner when it comes to a fast sled design!

Sometimes the most complex of designs can be a fun task.  Whether it works or not depends on a number of factors.  Is this a win or a fail... watch and see.

The above sled design with a slick bottom has the makings of a very fast machine.  Without rails, it may tend to spin and flip, but it will definitely move!  

Above, the $8 sled is probably the quickest easy design that will be in-stock most everywhere.  If they're out of sleds where you are, this is a good backup plan.  

This is cheap and pretty easy if you can use a saw.  Looks like half-a-barrel of fun to me!

Above:  Some cardboard creativity with a little paint, this sled looks top-notch!  

For the adventurous parents, this gas- powered snow-kid mobile is sure to be a winner under the Christmas tree, or on any winter playland, especially if you don't have hills in your area. 

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