The Happier Camper HC1: A Modular Camper To Fit Your Needs.

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The versatile “Adaptiv” interior and modular furniture are also made of lightweight fiberglass. Its six basecomponents—a bench, kitchenette, table, cushion, floor panel, andlid—can be moved into different configurations and clicked into place like LEGO blocks. The interior’swalkable floor space measures 42 square feet and there is a little over 6 feet of headroom. The HC1 also comes equipped with a 100 W solar panel, heated shower, awning, Bose sound system, built-inUSB and AC power sockets, and a tablet docking station.

Designed over the span of five years, the Happier Camper HC1 will soon enter the production stage—the campers are designed and built in California—following the final design tweaks. The camper’s base model will cost $13,950 USD and the company has plans to expand to European and Asian markets next year. Can’t wait to get one of your own? Head over to the Happier Camper website to place a pre-order or to join their mailing list.

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